- Cyrius


Cyrius is a Mexican exponent of electronic music that hardwork and effort are words that sum up what this exponentnever lost sight from his foray into the world of music,always keeping it clear the goal of making people dance tohis style. He began his career with techno influences, mixingin various events in his hometown Irapuato, Mexico, wherethe support of these people do want to continue and go formore.So he comes in curiosity about producing your ownmusic and gets their own unique essence. It differs in itsproductions, clearly influenced by: Christian Smith, Pig &Dan, Marco Bailey, Microtrauma, Matador (IE), SQL,Spartaque, Olivier Schories, Adam Beyer, Joseph Capriati,Mr. Bizz, Dema, Mario Ochoa, Sebastien Leger, Popof, Piatto,Magitman, Alex D'Elia & Nihil Young, Worakls, Andrea Roma,Glitter among others. Thanks to his talent and perseverance,positions several releases with some major record labelsfrom around the world. All this gives clear reference of thistalent and what he is capable of achieve their love andpassion of music.We can consider as a career objective thatsome weeks ago Cyrius became a member of the biggerand respected group of DJ ́s and Producers of TechnoMusic in Mexico, well known as TECHNORESISTENCIA.Since November 2012, Cyrius began to enterseveral times at the Beatport Top100 of Best Releases ofMinimal & Techno, also enter on the Featured Releases ofTech House sharing the privilege with other major releasesand labels. His productions have come to be supported byartist like: Christian Smith, Wehbba, Spektre, Sasha Carassi,Spartaque, Butane, Slam, Dandi & Ugo, Dani Casarano,Italoboyz, Pan-Pot, Piemont, 2000 and One and More.