- BolsteR


With these two simple words you can describe Bolster: Dark Techno. As two like-minded friends found each other in their love of techno a seed was planted. Nourished by heavy beats and dark fx this seed set out to become one of the biggest trees of the forest that is the Techno scene. The Bolster name was chosen because it perfectly describes how both Jo Smeets and Michaël Aerts felt in their partnership; complementing each other. Like any modern story they met on Instagram, where they started chatting about their common factor: Their love of music. Jo Smeets, who worked on his music under the name Smetterlink, liked a story where Michaël Aerts shared some music he released under his alias, Mike Hauls. Soon they realised that it was the darkness of their separate songs that got a hold of them. Each of them started to get inspired by the other, in different fields. And several studio meet ups later the inevitable happened: After building a loyal following online they decided that the best way forward was as an ensemble, as their strong suits complimented each other. Mike is the studio nerd and Jo the performer. And come March 2018 Bolster was born.