- Vincent Hiest


Vincent Hiest(ELECT ROVINO REC/MET RONOME/WE MOSTRECORDINGS)Dj/Producer from Burgundy/France(https://soundcloud.com/vincenthiest)Since the 1990's Dijon has been a prominent techno scenein France.Vincent Hiest, a leading Dj and producer has beenpassionate about electronic music and has always playedwild and hypnotic techno.An active member of "ADME" association and then"MET RONOME", he organised the vast majority of thecraziest parties in the Burgundy region alongside highlyrated Dj's such as Lowkey & Kardinal, Gaetek, D'jamency,Miloch, Oliver Ho, Radium, among others.He recently created the record label "Electrovino Records"with Ruty and Digital Session and signed on "We mostrecordings" with heavy techno productions intended to"inflame" the dancefloor !His next releases on those record labels are not to bemissed.