- Giovanni Carozza


Giovanni Carozza, class ’95, is originally from Caserta.His passion for music manifested at the age of 10 years through the use of the battery. In the following years, he began to study music and various instruments such as the flute, piano and acoustic guitar.Later he approaches to the way of electronic music, in particular with the '' Techno '', listening to artists like Jeff Mills, Joseph Capriati, Gaetano Parisio, Markantonio and many others.At age 12, he decided to try to use his first console, consisting of two turntables and a mixer.Quickly he begins to test his skills in small clubs in the city, until you get to 2011.He began his career as a producer at the age of 15, by releasing for the first time on a small Bulgarian label.Over the years his sound began to take shape, and finally reaches its first milestone, releasing in 2015 his first EP on the label DSR Digtal, including in ep a remix of the famous DJ and producer Tony Dee.In 2016 from life to his label, '' Retail Recordings ''.From 2015 and 2017 he will release new tracks on labels like Bitten, Phobiq, Bush, MKT, Respekt, Unity, Riot, Driving Forces and many more.


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