- Digital Session


"Digital Session" a.k.a "Dj Beb's". (ELECTROVINO REC/METRONOME) Dj/Producer from Burgundy/France."Digital Session" has been a passionate DJ and promoter of electronic music for over 15 years.In recent years, he decided to focus on production in order to create the record label "Electrovino Records" with Ruty and Vincent Hiest.Dj : His style draws influences from extreme Tech House to Minimal Techno dancefloor, and his knowledge of German Techno allows him to play with a harder edge.Producer : He worked diligently on producing his own style of music, based on the groove and percussion.He recently signed on the famous Argentinian record label "We most Recordings and more project !"Digital Session" is an emerging force on the French Techno scene with massive potential.