- Valyum


Valentin Steltzer – aka Valyum- is a young DJ and Music Producer from Berlin. He had early contacts with electronic music and felt soon that he had to stay behind the decks. In the summer of 2008 he bought his first own turntables and soon he got his first Gigs.In the year of 2009 he firstly made his own Partys and Events and since 2010 he produces his own Techno and Minimal music.From the beginning of his music career his sound changed from housy and not really defined music to his now driveful, powerful and strong Valyum-Style, which goes a little bit in to psychedelic, but shows a straight direction and excites the crowd again and again. His productions also show Psy- Trance and Techno characteristics at the same time. Just listen to it, It's worth it!