- Alex Five


Alexio Silva (AKA Alex Five) Has born on May 19th of 1991. Around 17-18 years old, Alex started to enter in the world of electronic music; listening to several different genres of that type until he discovered Techno Music. The young guy started to love Techno listening every single day for years, many kinds of Techno. At the age of 20, for the first time, Alex started to get inspired in the production of music experimenting with non-professional programs, using them exclusively as amusement. While his interest was growing, Alex started to get in loved with the passion of Techno genre and its production. He got even more dedicated to it, getting along in a deeper manner in the scene of production/Deejaying with more advanced and professional programs. He didn’t stop there and thanks to his love for music, the guy has been able with the attempt to release his first EP made of two tracks for an Ukraine label. Ever since that EP got released, Five started to release several works in a discography level. He has been always oriented to Electronic Music, also appreciating other types of music (Pop, Rap, etc.) and different musical groups. Today, his sounds are really dark based. Therefore, in an underground field. Alex Five will continue to work hardly trying to offer his best.