- Boxxer


Since he was 14 he was part of the night life where he used to be part of dance contest. In such parties he listened Depeche Mode music and he was deeply touched with their electronic sounds.At the age of 20 he visited the most legendary electronic club in Mexico "Pervert Lounge" and he became one of the most frequent costumers. In 2006 just like that and without any knowledge he got his first two decks and a little cheap mixer.In 2007 he was invited to play at Pervert Lounge where he started to play monthly for almost two years. Since then he used to play in private parties and nights clubs such as Rioma, Colmillo, Continental at Cuernavaca, Bang at Playa del Carmen and Baby O at Cancun. Within such period he played house, electro house, progressive house, trance and techno, but, when he discovered this latter he realized that Techno would be the bedrock his Dj sets and productions.In 2011 he started to make his own sounds but a personal project made him to move to Switzerland, where he is currently producing and being involved with DJs, Producers and Labels.Boxxer owes too much to electronic music, friends, moments and a personal Jesus everywhere. Because of this he is fully decided to bring more fresh ideas so that people dance, enjoy and live as he did, and still do."Music is a God and we are the Rhythm" - Boxxer