- Manudi


Italian , born in Chiavari in 1990 , Manuel Di Fiore aka Manùdi approaches the world of nightlife starting to attend events related to Techno/Electronic music.In one of those events he found the passion for techno music and driven by the desire to live as a protagonist in the world of nightlife clubs,he started to keep in contact with a crew which has been in the leading Italian night events for years.At this point Manuel made his debut to the "Evolution 013 Summer End " at the Disco Rising Sun, and then he started to perform in front of the dancefloor from other clubs such as Muddy Waters,Chez vous,Papagajo and many others.At the same time,Manuel came in contact with music production using Ableton live,experimenting with midi keyboards,samplers and Roland groovebox and thanks to the music production he started his artistic formation.He began to create his own style,powerful and tidy for details,mainly dark and industrial.Thanks to this talent in creating music,some labels noticed him,Manuel began to release on labels such as Tekx Tracks Records,Solid Groove,Oxytech,Subwoofer,Exatek,transpire Digital and more..His DJ sets are characterized by performances with 4 decks with traktor plus the addition of external hardware as groovebox or maschine.He is much appreciated in europe by webradio as Fnoob Techno Radio and other radioshows.His tracks are constantly evolving,thanks to his dedication to seek always sounds innovative which they transmit pure passion for music.