- X-pose


Ricardo Oliveira aka X-POSE is a Dj from Lisbon, Portugal. Having started to play around 1999, and with no ending in sight, X-POSE really kick ass in any stage where he makes everybody pumping in the dance floor, in a musical sequence without precedents. Playing over 165 bpm and concluding in smashing out comings, characterizes this Dj. Nobody stops marching while this powerful sound is playing… Having played with great names of Hardtechno such as: Pet Duo, Matt M. Maddox, Frank Kvitta, Robert Natus, Viper XXL, Motormorfoses, Linda Pearl, Sandy Warez, Ivee, and in famous clubs as Sound Planet, Alcântara-Mar, Versátil, Club Lua, Enseada, X-Lybris, among others trough out the country, this Dj/Producer, promises to turn the parties even more alive. He has his own labels “Sounds Diabolic Records” and “Evolv Records”, and he’s producing some tracks for Datablender, Muknauk, Blaze Records, Blurred Motion Recs, Bad Brains, JLI Records, Predator Records, New Beats, Woorpz, Hominid, WoorpTek…