- Rafael Melow


The idea to produce music alone, it was 12 years ago. Things to make your own sounds and music to develop style, I found it very strongly, and I liked it seriously with the software Propellerhead Reason! After a time I got myself a multi-media sound on laptop and bought collections of sound production software Reason to have enough range for my own ideas. Learned all alone through the years to study this program. I did my work and creation my own sounds. In the last years I have noticed very often the real music flows through my blood for Electro & Techno in different directions and shapes,this I must say that I learned in the field of electro and techno very much to himself and a large Specktrum developed . My idea was that I produced for the years always only music for me. Then something happened after 10 years as DJs and the music business and music producer showed me feedback and I got in Berlin and people and friends know the earned money with your music. And as a hobby, I got the opportunity to find my career. I live in my music, and love it my own art to present works or touching other people or artists in my music.