- Puccio


Puccio was born in 1983, lives in Parma. grew up listening to all kinds a little butis particularly interested in the progressive, techno and dance 90s ... you buy the first 2 technics turntables in 1200 at the age of 13 years and understands the art of the vinyl will be his biggest passion .. . starts playing at private parties and events of friends, and thanks to a friend gets the first date on a local, but he understands immediately that the environment will certain types of music fansnot for him ... along with other friends decided to found brazotek crew, with which organizes various private parties and evenings in the local area ... theinfluence of spending years in places like Cocoricò, Jaiss, Fortezza da Basso, Matrix, led him to try a new genre, evolved recently, tribecore frenchcore tekno ...and soon realizes that it is the right environment, the environment in order to maximize the artist and not the image, he decides to get in the game with friendsand decide to organize a nd manage evenings in your area ... after 17 years since the first turntable begin the first real satisfaction ... excellent companies,excellent environment, it begins to produce something of his own, mostlytribecore and frenchcore, but also techno and techouse ... no matter howbeautiful and unique things to produce own love toward the turntable after 17years is still unchanged ... save the vinyl ...