- Matthias Saihttam


Matthias Saihttam of Southern origin, born June 24, 1987, to start taking a liking for music From the earliest age. Open to any universe but already has a preference for electronic music. He does music theory and two years of drums. Later he follows a DJ training that he succeeds successfully. From there, he starts working as a DJ in different clubs. After a break of three years, he decides to devote himself to techno, which makes him passionate that he is today. Now a new adventure begins, one he has always wanted, composed and dedicated entirely to his passion "THE TECHNO". Today, he has produced several EP available on SOUNDCLOUD, BEATPORT, YOUTUBE, SPOTIFY ... that he signed with different Labels "SUBWOOFER RECORDS, BUNK3R R3CORDS, SPLICED VINYL RECORDS, VORTEX RECORDING, TECHNOLOGICAL RECORDS, ODD REALM RECORDS. He has performed at RADIO CLAPAS in Montpellier, RAVING FM and this not even a year. The adventure is just beginning ...