- Kwadratt


Talented and creative person (Producer, MC, poet). Born in 1979 in Yaroslavl. In 2004 received a law degree and his diploma on "copyright". He started making music in 1998, it was oldschool hardcore. Later, trying to make various styles of electronic music - progressive house, hard house, electro house / progressive electro, breaks for the b-boys team. In 2008 he returned to making harder styles of electronic music - schranz, hardtechno, hadcore (using the program - FL Studio and Reason). Alsopart icipat es in a joint wit h DJ OleG project , creat ing commercial generes for the label "Daviddance music" (Italy). from 2008 KWadraTT's tracks played in the "Wind Kazantipa 2" compilation, the radio show "TERMINAL", Internet radio station: "DJ Control Radio" (France), "HardT error Music Crew Radio" (Czech republic) , "Urbansoul". In 2010 he took part in the release of "Kill you all" label - Thick Hard Movements (The Netherlands). In 2012 "KWadraTT Dark Angel EP " FreakAudium recordings (Germany/Portugal).