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I created the alter ego Darkskye to embrace the side of me that appreciates and loves eerie soundscapes, moody melodies, deep dark basslines & haunting melancholic vocals .Trance was my initial gateway into the EDM world roughly in the year 2000. However as time passed by, my eyes & mind opened to new music. Music that challenged me and brought me back to the underground that I so loved. I was exposed to (proper) progressive house & techno. Suddenly Global Underground CDs that made no sense to me back in the day began to feel like gold!No matter what the technical genre is, I can guarantee you that the music I push will always come under one of the following categories:D.A.M.N. - DARK, AT MOSPHERIC, MOODY, NAST YThis is also the name of my podcast which will be used to showcase my own productions as well as other cuts of music that are rocking my audio world.My production style can be defined as dark, atmospheric & hypnotic techno. The title track "Nightmares" from my very first solo EP reached a high of No. 6 on the Audiojelly Techno Top 10. My "So Scharf EP" was a Staff Pick on Beatport and the Diatek remix reached a high of No. 2 on the Beatport Hard Techno Top 10. I can only hope for much better things to come with your support.So what are you waiting for? Grab a pair of headphones & join me on this journey ...