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Progressive and progressive trance are straightly connected with the name Greg Siokos. He was born in Athens in 19/03/1977.He loved music from very young age and as he says it means everything to him.In 2002 became the director of the best massive event company SIGMA Team ( From the beginning of his career he collaborated with recognized Greek and foreign djs and producers. In 2008 became member of “Free Radio Athens ” station (98.0fm) with the sasses full radio show “Progressive Senses”Discography: 29/10/2007 – Greg Siokos – Forest - Ocean Drive Records 22/11/2007 – Greg Siokos – Part Of Me - Stranamente Music 05/02/2008 – Greg Siokos – Ground Zero – Bonzai Records (Tripomatic) 01/05/2008 – Greg Siokos – Fog – Ocean Drive Records 16/09/2008 – Greg Siokos – Vertigo – Soho Music Movement 14/04/2009 – Greg Siokos – Seven – Bonzai Records 31/11/2009 -Darkon -Desire (Greg Siokos prog rmx)stranamente music 01/12/2009 - Orelse - feel it (Greg Siokos rain rmx)Bonzai records 30/08/2010 Greg Siokos - Sensations- Balkan connect ion records 13/9/2010 Greg Siokos -Push Ocean drives records 21/03/2011 Ocean Drives Records T op 10 vol.1(Greg Siokos-Push) 25/06/2011 Greg Siokos -G.previous-Noise Planet Records 09/08/2011 Greg Siokos - Air- North Quarter Records 21/09/2012 Greg Siokos -Hit It -Ocean drives records Being a well known jockey of Athens he has performed in numerous and most famous dance stages and clubs in Greece. LUV, DANZA, KALUA, MIROIR, BOSSA NOSTRA, ZOO, FREE YOUR BASE, ATLANTIS, PETROGAZ, SEVEN HEAVEN, LIVING ROOM, VEGERA, VANILLA SKY, VANILLA PROJECT, PLAYROOM, ISLA,CAFÉ DEL MAR,VENUE,DESTIJL, REMEZZO, STEREO, FACTORY, BONDAGE, SEE ME FESTIVAL (Bulgaria) METROPOLIS (Poland)et c. Also he has been guest dj in known Greek islands. MYKONOS, RHODES, CRETE, SYROS, KOS. Greg Siokos is the leader of progressive music in Greece and one of the most WANTED dj in Mediterranean countries. What he surely can promise to all of you the unrepentant clubbers is endless dance and music till morning.


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