- Mauricio S


DJ, Musical Producer, Military at Brazilian Navy,!!It has an incredible feeling on the track, and a lot of dynamism in its presentations. He has already performed several GIG's for Brazil and some Participations in GIG's Abroad as in the "Bizzaro" Nightclub (Miraflores, PERU), and in Spazio Sputnik (Viña Del Mar, CHILE).He was able to launch in International Recorders and take his songs to Beatport and the main platforms of sales of the world. His productions, always with soft synths, well-grooved drums, well-known basslines, have received feedback and support from several renowned DJs such as Moe Turk, Thito Fabres, Saulo Ferraro and Bruce Lerroys. new projects, to further amaze your audience, and grow even more by further raising your Career.