- Living Matter


The two artists, both of whom were born in Vienna, share their love for music.At their performances the technology- virtuosos take their fans on a journey – a musical journey from the past into the future, a trip through techno and hard techno. While doing so, they believe in modern technology. In addition to combining vinyl tracks on 4 turntables, they amend these with self-mixed music. Inspired by great musicians and DJ’s of their time, and moreover, the process of putting together their sets, Daniel and Christian have developed their own individual s tyle. A mus ic s tyle that will surprise you, carry you away, and win you over! Join the growing fan base and indulge in the bassdrum, hihats and repetitive arrangements.What is left are two musicians, whose tastes of music combined result in an explosion that amazes their fans with versatility.At the bottom of the line the guys themselves say: “Yes, damn it! We love electronic music!” To find out what this might mean, you’ll have to go and find out at one of their next appearances.