- Mark Feesh


Born in the golden age of vinyl... This Dj/producer has since then vivid music and all its changes with special interest. as Dj MARK FEESH facet often surprise us with mixes elegant and refined. Fusion of sounds very well-prepared and as a great profesional.mezclas incredible! As a producer, MARK FESSH is currently a serious and introverted artist in his productions, covering different styles of music and get productions of high quality, original ideas and creation of sounds of a very personal style and very very professional. MARK FEESH to acted in several lives and several clubs in Spain... including “Millennium Cosmic Club (GIRONA) or Opium (BARCELONA) leaving the bar well high.” MARK FEESH is currently involved in several projects, including exclusive DJ VISEU HOUSE FM. This artist is tipped in collaborations with other artists and even promotes them.