- Nicolas


Dj - Producer Music & Minimal Techno, Born in Bogota - Colombia. The world turned by the greatest artistic creation of the human being, the music, with lots of variables, languages, instruments, structures, and especially a World Language, Some inspired by other creations, other inspirational real and heart, with a feeling of joy, sometimes of anger, love, heartbreak, designed for a public docile public energized or some times, for some it is sometimes noise or simple sequences, for others of the best albums in history, or maybe _ your favorite album, I miss between low with bright hues, dark stressful or because relaxants, percussion that moves you, a voice that you repeat or just a vowel that is sequenced, a great variety of rhythms and ways to create, a few technical than others, some rustic, some with the best feel and equipment instruments and others with the most basic, really no is all evil is done with conviction and love, and by just miss there someone in the world will make you feel and dance is art is simple and we all have a different perspective of art. Some hate each other's rhythms worship, but we have to reach maturity to think that music listening and sharing and apparatus as art but not to criticize, discredit.