- DJ NIka


A music fanatic from an early age, DJ Nika fell in love with house music in 2006 after moving to NYC. Originally hailing from hip hop background, he began frequenting the city house scene and soon took a turn towards production and promotion in various New York City nightclubs, including North America’s premier entertainment venue; Webster Hall. Being surrounded with countless famous musicians and singers, whom he drew inspiration and knowledge, making a transition to DJ was inevitable. Couple of years down the line; it is Nika who was spinning at the hottest clubs in NYC and is fast becoming a household name in the world renowned party scene. His self-taught character and unmatched dedication quickly gained respect among other DJ’s as he kicked off his DJ debut in the legendary Webster Hall, New York’s Largest and longest running nightclub. He went on to share the turntables with many of the best international DJ’s in the top NYC hot spots such as Pacha, Marquee, Sky Room, Le Souk, Greenhouse, as well as proudly participated in the NYC dance parade in the heart of Manhattan. Just the fact that Nika was able to join the elite DJ’s of NYC in such a short period of time, demonstrates his great talent. Anyone who has seen him in action was left yearning for more. His genre includes Progressive Electro & Techno Tech House. A force behind his success is the fact that he lives and breathes house music, creating his own distinctive style and versatile mixes. He easily connects with the audience taking them to a higher level.