- Javier Aguado


Javier Aguado is a DJ and electronic music producer, born in Palencia, who from a young age has always been influenced by electronic music. The main virtue of this young DJ is its versatility to take on the sessions of all styles, adapting perfectly to the public, always keeping your mind focused on the dance floor.He has always been very interested in the new trends, without closing the door to any style. Tech & House, Minimal and Techno are styles that are very comfortable. His sessions are a very special blend of electronic sounds with hypnotic percussion and strong bases, something that keeps the dance floor in permanent agitation.In 2011, beginning with the production and creation of new rhythms, and is at this time that his sound and style begin to take shape. Not until the year 2012 when the first productions coming to market through various labels.Javier Aguado has been in clubs like Sala Escada - Medina del Campo (Valladolid), New Kasual - (Palencia), Sala Holiday - Medina del Campo (Valladolid), Josfe - Aranda de Duero (Burgos), Pimentel - Benavente (Zamora), Sala Tarot - Cuellar (Salamanca), Golden Hall (Palencia), Sala Bitácora (Valladolid), Rincón del Cómico (Valladolid), Le Matin - Arévalo (Ávila), El Paso (Palencia), Sala Picapiedra - Cantalejo (Segovia), Show Fame - (Palencia), Chapo - (Palencia), Teknofilia Festival - (Badajoz), Alkarika Festival - Coria (Cáceres) among others.