- Andrea Sorbo


Andrea Sorbo born in Caserta (1990), then in 2014 he played with Fatima Haji at Glam Disco (Itri) and Answer Code Request at Duel Beat (Naples). In 2014 he produced an album with Dsr Digital and a single in V.A. with Naked Lunch , the label known of A. Paul. In 2015 he is participating in a project with a nascent organization called " Open Mind " , proving very popular in local clubs playing, also, with the known DJ Tiger Stripes (Desolat) and Mark Reeve (Drumcode) Bas Mooy (Moord) Harvey Mckay ( Drumcode ) Jon Rundell (Drumcode) Cleric ( C L E R G Y ) Jonas Kopp, Roman Poncet.