- Soseol


Composed of a variety of designed sounds, his works emanate sensibly and intensely, stirring people’s emotions by grafting original creation of elemental sources and independent standards. Soseol’s intrinsic self-expression and central message are deeply embodied in his works. In 2012, DJ Soseol released techno genre single ("Just Standard") - his official debut as a producer. within recidency of Volnost(KR), Armament Records, he performed with numerous artists such as Ø, [PHASE] improvised back-to-back stage, with Marcel Falgler, Yan Cook, Codex Empire, BLNDR, and Richard Devine, Soseol have performed more than 100 performances a year. In particular, Soseol released his rst Vinyl/EP album "Inertia" featuring all his career and musical identity, and he also produced two "Wonderave Release", produced movie score "Real/CJ Entertainment," performace director of "Audi Korea", and selected as the director of the label "Wonderave" in Hong Kong. and he also runs his own label "Armament Records" - recently released their third compilation album. Each track created by Soseol is based on self-imposed themes and inspiration, working with professional artists from various fields such as visual artists, Korean dancers and potters, presenting new results and continuing its cultural moves.