- Soolee


Soolee is a DJ, Electronic musician and Label owner of “more than less Records” based in Seoul, South Korea. From 2012-2017, Soolee was resident DJ of Quadro, Keu Keu and vurt.. He started Less n Less Podcast (2012-2016) and started “more than less Records” released Vinyl Records first time in Korea with Spanish Artist Joton. Techno legend Surgeon played Soolee Remix in Rinse FM(UK) and it started well. more than less Records released with DJ Nobu, Joton, Unam Zetineb, Datura Dilema and Soolee. Since he discovered with Podcast & Radio Releases & Remixes (Dust Rec. Newrhythmic, InFine, Credo, Impact Mechanics, LCR, Raw Raw, Shout Records), Soolee invited to played in France in French-Korean Year 2015 and played Concrete club, Techno Parade, Lille3000 in France. Also played Suicide Circus in Berlin, EP Music Fest in Spain, Lantern, Dada, Elevator in China, Saloon in Tokyo, 15ft Under, Output Busan, Savage Hanoi, korner Taipei, Intro Music Festival in Mongolia.