- Poty


With over 15 years working for rooms throughout Andalucia, Poty is consodila in and out of the electronic scene Malagueña.He has worked with various labels such as Audiotex Records, Nopreset Records, Nocturnal Sound Records, Ritmikal Records, Psicopatik Rec, Hexyl Creative, JMC Label, Unusual Digital Killers Records ...... Taking well over 20 EP.His music has been pricked by large as Magda, Elon, Martin Eyerer, Barem or the very Richie Hawtin.A passed through halls and festivals throughout Andalucia, highlighting some as: Rocket Festival, Living Train, Eventual Music, Sala Innova, Copera Industrial, Nursery Room, Nightclub Millions ... sharing a cabin and international artists of the caliber of, Coldcut, Bad Manners, Serge Santiago, Uto Karem, Babyhead, Transformer, Hermanez, Tetsuya Ura, Digital 21, Mouse Up, Professor Angel Duf, Adam Freeland, Cave, Evil Nive, Pendulum Valentino Kanziany, Matador, Marco Nastic, James Ruskin, Gaiser, Ambivalent, Marc Antona and etc .....The Techno is the basis of all his productions, more sounds fused with Minimal or more occasions with notes Tech House.Currently poses a new project called "Histeriko" where their sound more rescues Birmingham and Detroit Techno, reaching the most underground scene of electronics.