- Monod


Monod is Fotis Sarros.Borned in Greece at the year of 1990.His first contact with psytrance was at 2005 when he went to his first party.After hearing a lot of artists he decided to do his own experiments with this kind of music at 2006.While he was trying to learn the possibilities of a sequencer he tried also to built his own home studio. He started working more seriously at 2009 under the project Monod in a melodic morning progressive style.The atmospheres and melodies together with the synths are create tracks that are very interesting for home listening and parties. His first debut album "Monod-Now or Never" was released in 2014.BOOKINGS AND ALL MANAGEMENT ENQUIRIES :Label : Prog On SyndicateBookings : booking@progonrecords.com Management: management@progonrecords.com