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Phanatic the amazingly and talented Kfir Lankry Born andliving in the sunny southern city Dimona, Israel.At the age of10 Kfir discovered the electronic dance music, he begunProducing at the tender age of 13. His musical influencescome from a wide variety of musical expression, such asChill Out, Drum & Bass, Techn , Progressive House, ElectroHouse, Classical, World Music And many more.Kfir alreadyPreformed in many parties and festivals around the worldincluding: Canada , Portugal , Mexico , Serbia , Japan , Brazil, Belgium , Germany , Switzerland , Russia , Hungary ,Austria , Czech Republic , Israel, and the list is toolong.Phanatic reflects Kfir's current style achieved & moldedthrough out his career, it can be best described as pureMorning Full on, groovy& pumping, mixed with psychedelicmelodies, aimed directly to the dance floor.Kfir is busyperforming all over the world After Releasing his Debutalbum "'In My Head'' on 2006 and considered big successesAll Over the world. During the year 2008, Phanatic releasedhis second album, "Outsider" For his second album kfirdeliberately wanted to create something that would 'standout from the crowd' and in that way would become a kind ofan 'Outsider'. T he result truly outstanding 9 dance floorhits.At the year 2011 Phanatic Release his first EP "DiscoFever", and the year 2013 he released his second EP "OneOf a Kind". Phanatic is working hard these days to bring upmore hits to the world.