- Silent Sphere


Silent Sphere is the Psy-trance / progressive trance project formed by Simon Weber (CH) and Janiv Damti (CH/ISR) from Berne, Switzerland. Already sharing a studio since more than a decade, they have been finally producing together since 2013, when Janiv joined the project, initiated by Simon in 1999, after a creative break. The debut album “Dance” was released in 2004, followed by “Mind Games” in 2005 and “The Singles” in 2008. Having performed at some, mostly European, indoor and outdoor psychedelic events, both continue their path through psychedelic trance - with influences from progressive trance, full-on, and techno - to bring joy and love to the dancefloors with their truly unique and cutting edge sound. After the release of several EP’s with different labels such as Solar Tech Records, HOMmega, Flow EV Records, NUTEK America, PLANET B.E.N. Records, Midijum Records and Berlin Sensation, to name a few - Be finally prepared for Silent Sphere‘s new album, which is currently being worked on and is scheduled for release by the end of 2017!