- Suntree


Sometimes an ordinary day can turn out to be a magical one. T hat's whathappened when Suntree, aka Alon Brillant, was exposed to Cubase editor forthe very first time. That day he realized he’s got the electronic musicproducing fever. Since then his life has changed, he has put everythingbehind and focused on one thing and one thing only - producing Psy Trancemusic.Suntree’s first release was in 2005, a Full-On style track he named'Electric Mind', which symbolizes his state of mind at that time. T hroughhis entire career, each track he produced was a reflection of his emotionalexperiences. In 2007 Suntree discovered Progressive style and felt - Thatwas the place he could express himself perfectly.Suntree’s debut album 'Inside' was hit on the dance floors all over theglobe, and became one of the most successful albums of 2009. T hat placedhim among the top producers of Progressive Trance scene. Each track in that album reflected his inner feelings and thoughts whichwas the reason he named it 'Inside'.Knowing that his music could excite people and touch their feelings in somemoments of their lives, make people be deeply moved from his sound and beinfluenced by it - gave him a huge satisfaction, one that could not bedescribed in words, a kind of fuel for his soul.After a while Suntree has decided to experience different sides of life,but felt that he still has things in the basement of his mind he shouldbring out. That’s what made him start working again and focusing on hisupcoming E.P. which will be released this summer. In addition to his solo project SUNTREE, he is collaborating with DubiDagan, aka Ritmo, on a project named RIT REE.More plans are being cooked right now...