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Marios Seraidaris is no stranger in this business . We had the chance to know him under his collab act Progenitor with some solid imprints under labels like Plusquam , Yse , Blue Tunes , Iono and our very own Phoenix Groove . But lets not rush things yet .It was the early 90's that he discovered the instrumental extension of his personality , a getaway of a youngster that lives under the grey colors of the city. Worked as a guitarist at some bands it was a matter of time that the idea of blending electronica with live instruments will emerge . Further studies on audio engineering wide his range of technical knowledge and the time for his first solo attempt popped in ! Early cuts with a fresh live textured aroma took place a mixture of melodic leads , mysterious atmospheres and well arranged drum sequence is the trademark of this fellow trancer . Marios is for sure a valuable and dynamic member of the Phoenix Groove joint adding his personal touch with his fresh perspective and understanding of floor sweeping . Sublime art it is then...