- Psycrain


Psycrain has a goal of showing the most cutting edge in Psytrancearound the globe, indeed one of the most distinguished Psytrance artists, known for his very unique high energy sound that can only be described as his, and the undeniable effect his tracks have on his listeners and the Dance floor.Psycrain is also known in combining touching melodies and instrumental sounds in hisproductions, in addition to his ability to use his extraordinary Percussions experience.As he was raised by a family of musicians, he began as a professional Percussionist at a very early age, his love for music dragged him to learn several other musicinstruments soon after, he then started learning music mixing and production as aTeenager.His decision to release music commercially only took place end of the year 2017 after“realizing this is what he should provide for humanity by expressing a message of“Peace and Love”.“As long as there will be Peace and Love, there will always be Music”