- Psycrain


Psycrain is indeed one of the most distinguished Psy-Trance artists in the scene, having a goal of showing the most cutting edge Psy-Trance music around the globe, known for his very unique high energy sound that has an undeniable effect on his listeners and the Dance floor. He is known in combining touching melodies, emotional vocals and instrumentals within his productions, in addition to extraordinary percussion grooves. As he was raised by a family of musicians, he began as a professional percussionist at a very early age, his love for music dragged him to learn several other musical instruments and as his love for music evolved it dragged him right into music production. “As long as there will be Peace and Love, there will always be Music” https://www.instagram.com/psycrain https://www.facebook.com/psycrain https://www.soundcloud.com/psycrain https://open.spotify.com/artist/04EKaNAq6KCnY4H4VwPy9C https://www.beatport.com/artist/psycrain/660265 https://www.psycrain.com