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 - Dimitri Motofunk


Born in 1975 in Athens and got street wise at a pretty young age!!At the very same young age he realized that his passion was music.He started playing music at the age of 14 and by the time he became 18 he was already a professional DJ. He has been playing his music at the best clubs of Greece ever since!!Some of the most famous clubs where he was resident are:City Groove, +SODA, Factory, Danza in Athens, Playback, Cavo Paradiso in Mykonos!In 1997 Dimitri met Axel Karakasis starting the Bubbles part ies in various clubsNow he spends his time making his own productions. In 2011 he had his first release on Remain Records, Capsula Recordings, Capsula Digital, Jeton Records, Akoom Records, Naughty Pills Records, DSR Digital, NoiseTilt Records, Resorted Recordings,etc...