- Lia Organa


Producer Lia Organa was born in Stockholm, Sweden where she lived most of her life .This is a Techno nomad with an angelic face, but behind that is hiding one of the bad girls in Techno.Amazing when you hear the strength and elegance that shows in her sets .Music producer, DJ and sometimes live act , this multifaceted talented artist spend many hours on studio perfecting her art .For 2 years Lia has studied music and technology in Stockholm and as a full-time DJ and sometimes live act she inspires her audience with her performances in various clubs, and festivals all over the world Lia Organa is not a stereotype artist but a source of inspiration and listening to her music is like a journey from techno to dark techno and sometimes over to tech house.Lia belongs to the top casting of some of the best Techno and music record labels Since 2012 Lia Organa lives in Belgium where she continues heating up her fans...