- Matteo Batini


Born near Rome in 1989, he always nourished a passion formusic especially for the electronic genre. One day hedecides to approach the world of DJs and begins to get theirhands on the first courses and with the help of his friendand his determination to learn the techniques of the diskjockey. After about a year he decided to venture into theworld of production and leaves with his first remix for SicilianHouse (Sexy Sax Tonight) with the label White Plus, thenjoins with another label Roman (Beenoise) will scale for thefirst time the charts of Beatport with his EP Direction, andEleven (working with Mr.Federick).He work for many important label such as SubstudioRecords, Berlin Aufhnamen, DoubSquare, Fish, Renesanz,No Logik and many other..Now he work at many projects with important producers ofthe scene Minimal and Techno like DoubleScore, JoeMaleda, Marco Raineri, Ruiz Sierra and other...And now it's just the beginning of his long road to the worldof electronic music, minimal and techno.