- Andreas Rey


Andrea Tavolozza aka Andreas Rey, have a great passionfor electronic music. Starts at only fifteen years to composeand mix music. One year after various mixes andproductions have been selected in various national radio.His talent led him to perform at Avellino in Italy, where hegrew up, in the premises most fashionable. His style rangesfrom techno to tech house, from tech house electronics. In2012 enters the label "We Most Records" where it producesonly two pieces, one minimal and one tech house. In 2013he enrolled at the Conservatory of Avellino, Cimarosa, tostudy electronic music, but abandoned due to healthproblems. In that year, however, she produced her first EP"Plastic Roses", exit "Cubek," which became a hit peakingat twenty-first place in the "Top 100 Best Releases Minimal"on Beatport, as well as various compilations including the"Winter Music Conference 2013 'in Miami. His style isunmistakable, a mix between art and techno music. Stillworks in his small studio in search of new sounds.