- Lucas Nassar


Born in 1990 in Curitiba / Paraná / Brazil, Lucas Nassar always lived tiny near your radio enjoying each rockn roll, and 7-year-old won his first instrument a guitar over the years was listening to various styles and genres different Hip Hop to Rock, and finally with 16 years found a style that made him love electronic music, prog / dark / minimal, and years later when he had completed 18 had his first psychedelic experience in a local party, then took interest in producing electronic music but started learning only in early 2010 when he had completed 20 years, teaching himself struggled to produce a sound oriented style minimal techno, deep dark, with a touch of psychedelic, its first equipment was just a basic computer with ableton 8.0 and some plug- ins, with over years was knowing many people who will help to evolve and produce better with ableton live, now has a studio with a pioneer cdj 100s, a computer to produce a sound 800w and a headset professional tools that help him work with ableton 9.0.