- Walker (Aust)


/// Buxton Records /// Australia /// Elsewhere Social Club ////// Deep Groove House /// Low Slung Techno /// Future Disco ///Walker’s talent breathes its way through his musical output. “Music is always evolving, nothing stands still....And that’s exactly how I like it”.Walker (Aust) creates music that shapes dance floors and tastes. His artistic perspective comes from a life thoroughly lived, and his talent comes from an obsession in finding a way to express it.It’s the reason his music feels so personal and authentically deep. But then, nothing about Chris is ‘paint by numbers’.Considered a unique fixture on the Gold Coast scene, he can take credit for pioneering the current shape of the local underground. When asked why he feels compelled to manage events, build the scene’s infrastructure and nurturing new talent, Walker is of the view that “A rising tide lifts all boats”.His deep house releases on Buxton have been guided in part by label owner Adam Swain. The two have shared endless discussions on how meaning is created through music and the way in which Buxton bring it to their releases. Another waypoint has been Walker's recent time spent at local institution, Elsewhere, a venue that he considers to be a creative hub where “My relationships, profile and creative brain are tickled each week!”.A talented musician and a vital presence.Supports: Hernan Cattaneo (Argentina), Jay Shepheard (London), Roy Davis Jnr (Chicago), Jozif (London), Marcus Worgull (Köln), Santé (Berlin), Philip Bader (Berlin), DJ T (Berlin) & and the Cocoon Heroes (Seth Troxler, Magda, Sven Vath & Ritchie Hawtin) at the Brisbane leg of the Future Music Festival 2013.