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Sven Scott (DJ / Producer / Label Owner)My name is Z solt Sipos aka Sven Scott! I was born in 1991in Siófok (Hungary) T he music when I was a small child (8years old) took my mind and never let go! At the beginning ofthe mixing / music caught my attention, and later (when I was10) I started to deal with around with production, writingmusic! I've tried several programs, but really caught on FruityLoops and Ableton Live! In 2008 appeared the firstpublications are also available in digital form, it is known asB-Tronic. At the time, it's still a great value and the date theywere proud of me. T hen released a remix single "Distrait"title! Some of my friends made it remix, but a few of them arelisted in Steve Kid, Alvaro Ernesto, Arthur Salizar! T he"Distrait" quite successfully launched its Richie Hawtin hasalso played his sets (for example, in 2010 an Italian action)Lots of international radio rotation was tracked into this!T hey came out after a couple of publications, and I startedto seriously face the music. Now have the new name "SvenScott," and founded his first own label at this time, which isthe "Purple Gate Records" was named! Here he alsopublished his first publication, which soon became aware,then I keep the remix invitations, looking for publishers thatwould be happy even if they would appear on my music!Initially, Progressive House style he took on severalsuccessful music is said to be born. For example, the"Digital Kitchen" and "Histerya"! People still play theinternationally renowned DJs and radio stations are stillspinning! In 2011, I had the honor of winning a musiccontest, organized by the Beat Label! T here are over 9000songs were selected from among the first finisher and largegifts I won! But along with more faith and perseverance tothe music! T his gave the stroke and went racing Remix, Mixcompetitions. Over time in favor of Tech House and Technostyles, even in this day that I can be that when you'rereading this, you are just working on a musical! :) At the time,Steve Lawler mix competition I achieved a very good placecan be one of the thousands of start- ups in the top ten, Ifound myself, though I did not win, but still a lot of newpeople to follow a short overview of the music and startedworking class!In 2011, life was still around, I founded thesecond label has "Canaan Digital Records' name. T herehave been serious style / higher quality publications haveappeared more successful.I think a lot of people helping out,and I learned a lot in my career, I gladly handed over theprecious people want this! Lots of new faces and talentedproducer helped start and is still happy to do it!T hat's allabout me and my life in music, if you love me moreinformation, contact me by email or on social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc ...) 2013 founded a new label"1642 Records"Artists I admire and who inspire me: Jay Lumen, Juan Ddd,Stefano Noferini, Loko, Ivan Pica, Z enbi, Ramon Tapia,Sebastien Leger, Steve Lawler, and many more!