- Johannes Rheingold


Johannes Rheingold is a Artist, Deejay, Producer and Re- Mixer.He plays and produce deep house and techno since 1999. Johannes plays at the biggest clubs in austria, hungary, german and ibiza as well.What is my sound he ask himself in the year 1999... what is the sound of my feelings and fits to me he ask himself. Electronic Music was the answer he gives !So he learn what's necessary to produce music - goes forward and release his first track on fireworxx records which is called "der schlüsselmeister"One track - one feeling... big emotion-big track.Johannes use his contacts he connects as a dj years ago and so he get's for his first release LAUER & CANARD ( HU ) and FABIO CASTELLO ( Spain ).The big step is taken perfect ...So watch out for the further releases... they will be going to your ears and into your heart.