- Yuste


Yuste is a Spanish DJ and producer of techno music . His first contact with music back in the late 80's when just 10 years and played in the studio of his uncle with gems like rolan mc -303 , synthesizers and other electronic devices of the time, it certainly woke up in the one great interest and hobby of electronic music that has never perdido.A late 90s early 2000s he began his career as a DJ getting residencies in clubs techno mythical landscape of north-central Spain area as cabin -Valladolid or Aixa Galiana Avila . His sessions have been heard in renowned venues and festivals such as Van- Vas- Fabrik , Aixa Galiana , Electronic Conference Madrid , Moncloa , In, Festival Musica Electronica Sierra de Gredos etc, etc...A shared booth with artists of the stature of Ben Sims Eric Sneo Cristian Varela Marco Nastic Valentino Kanzyani Pet Duo Genaro Lefose Petter Larson Oscar Mulero Kazu Kimura Takaki Itho Pepo and etc. .. in 2013 he founded his own label dedicated to electronic music NETECHRECORDS the most avant-garde rhythms of techno music.