- DJ Flore


"It’s been a pleasant warm Saturday. The sun sets and you are enjoying a nice dinner with your friends on the boulevard. You get home and prepare to have a night out... The taxi is here. 15 minutes later you reach the club. You pass the bouncer. Even before the door opens, you feel it...A deep bass at 128 beats per minute. And you start to grin." It’s this feeling that made DJ Flore love House music. That’s why he produces and plays in clubs. To spread the emotion. Over the last years he was able to perform in various clubs around the world, from the UAE to Germany, Norway and the US. Highlights include Dubai’s 360, regularly voted as one of the Top 100 clubs of the world, and Munich’s P1, arguably the most famous club in Germany. His productions have been released on international high profile labels and he remixed established artists of the likes of Manuel Baccano and Peter Brown. He also hosts his own radio show and podcast. His latest project is the launch of the independent music label "Grapevine Grooves" together with his long time friend Agent Q. DJ Flore will without a doubt continue to build a name for himself in the world of Progressive House Music and beyond within the next years.


Big Room Sessions, Vol. 1
Young Rebels, Eddie Thoneick, Francesco Diaz, Cozi, Christian Weber, Patric La Funk, Jansson, Ethan Wood, Lokovski, Aron Scott, Bastian Foxx, Basti M, Brockman, Patrick Hagenaar, I-fan, Talkboxx, The Good Guys Feat. Alex Senna, Matt Devereaux & Michael Maze, Steven Quarre, Rod Debyser, Math Delekian, Nogales, Tom Wax, Alex Stadler, Dan Lemur, BK Duke, Nina Hall, Stephen Pickup, Rio Dela Duna, Arone Clein, John De Mark, Roger Slato, MacRoy, Sound Of Venice, Niko De Luka, Luke Tolosan, Tom Buster, DJ Cross, Happy Paul, Mick Kastenholt, Alexander Adstedt, Alexander, Houseshaker, DJ Nico, DJ Fist, The Bass Kidz, Moussa Clarke, Corey Andrew, Sums, Dave Kurtis, Avusadora, Enzo Canale, Cavin Viviano, Ruben Rivas, Manuel Baccano, Hermetic Dust, Vadim Dreamer, Vadim Latyshev, Nimi Dovrat, Oliver Lang, Jonathan Ulysses, Steve Haines, Eric Tyrell, Natasha Burnett, Oleg Di Vice, Ivan Demsoff, Cream Sound, Yuriy From Russia, Vicente Roca, Pretty Pink, Terri B!, Tom Tash, Damien N-Drix, Teo Moss, Aurel Devil, Kaysee, Rogue Elementz, Alexei, Carlos Kinn, @IT, Edhim, Trarius, Shytsee, Tim Royko, Mike Leon, Albin Myers, Jonas Sellberg, Micha Moor, Tim Royko, Rio Dela Duna, Tres Amici, Le Daan, Matt Mendez, Staffan Thorsell, The Whiteliner, Roman.k, Tom Wax, Falko Niestolik, BK Duke, Pete-R, Jozsef Keller, Maurizio Sacchi, Filip Le Frick, Dominic Dosara, Dan Lemur, Mike Duz, MBR, Twinkiller, DJ Flore, Gabryel Wolf, Cristian Poow, Manuel Baccano, Martin Villeneuve, Chris Daniel, Aron Scott, Peter Brown, Ryan Barton
REAL MAGIC | 2018-07-13