- DJ Cammy


The name DJ CAMMY is for a lot of people known from YouTube. With Speed Remixes the name DJ CAMMY reached on most songs over Millions of plays. Years later DJ CAMMY as a now legal producer started to release music to the world wide net. So in 2013 he supported a unreleased remix of a DJ Cammy song called "Distorted Mind" which was done by VAN SNYDER. After this DJ CAMMY released his first real own song called "Marseille" on STAR DANCE RECORDS. With a old friend called JOHN PLAYER he released 2 songs in 2014 on FREAKING RECORDS. In 2015 he released the song "Heaven" which was placed on diffrent Dance-Charts Top20. In the year 2015 DJ CAMMY cant stop to bounce and released his song "Bounce Baby".In 2016 he teamed up with FLIXXCORE for a real banging release called "Da Vinci" wich entered the Top 15 on diffrent Chart-Systems. You can join facebook.com/djcammymusic for more infos.