- DJ Synchro


Imagine, in a far past in a small town in Groningen, Holland. The first dance-tracks are heard on the radio and house music rises. Somewhere a young DJ-to-be is hooked on the radio, a tape recorder in reach, waiting for that one special track. He spells the charts, never misses a show and because of that, he makes a rock solid base for a musical career.Soon just recording tracks from the radio wasn’t enough. After a couple of attempts the first dance-compilations started to develop. In the local town-club he could let it all out and for a enthusiastic crowd he plays and mixes the music. A couple of turntables, a mixing desk and loads of records were purchased. A simple hobby was growing into a semi-professional concept. The only thing what was missing was a real DJ name.And because mixing is all about synchronicity, the name ‘DJ Synchro’ was quickly found.The story continues, so stay tuned for more!