- DJ Brox


Bilal Gündüz – known as Dj Brox – was born in Lübeck/Germany. His home base now is Hamburg. 
In 1995 he started deejaying with Hardtrance. Five years later he developed his style to Hardstyle, Techno and Electro. Since 2005 he focused his music on Progressive, Electro and Techno. 
In 1997 he started to produce music. Four years later he had his rst releases and getting supported by „Gary D.“ with great response, followed by lots of successfull Releases and Bookings. In 2004 he started to organize events by himself, it was the start of his party series „Focus“ with a crossover style from Techno to Progressive and Psytrance. 
 After he met Marco Menichelli (Sun Project) they launched the project „Dj Brox & Menichelli“ and released their Album „Rock your Body“ in 2011. In 2011 he launched the project “Dj Brox & Daniel Vernunft“ (Shiva Chandra), resulting by the Intakt EP, released by Rococo Records. In Summer of 2012 released their Album „2012“ .