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 - Ernesto Deep


Spain, Alicante, Jalón 1 972Ernesto Deep began studying music, influenced by his parents at the age of 6 years old in a school music of his hometown, his studies were, Percussion, Solfeggio, Music Theory and History music.He discovered electronic music when he was 8 years old thanks to a cassette tape that his parents had at home from the French musician Jan Michael Jarre. At the same time, during his music studies, he was also being nourished by different styles of the American music as rap-hip hop-soul-funk-break beat- Nu- disco ... His adolescence was marked as well by the Detroit techno and central Europe Kraftwerk, Front 242, The Neon Judgement and othersimilar groups.It was late 80's when he had to choose between his career as percussionist or Deejay, since ultimately he could not reconcile the two, so he decided outright to leave behind his performances as percussionist and entirely dedicated to his career as a DJ.In 1988 he performed a program without advertising cuts of electronic music on a local FM radio station with a mixer and two turntables Tecnics last generation, he developed a live set for 2 hours 2 days a week from 8 to 10 pm, was perhaps at that point where it began to be evident his creative and avant-garde concerns.His first Maxi single was released in the year 97 after a trip to New York where he eventually would come back to Spain, convinced that his life would be completely linked to the artistic genre House in all itsslopes, getting into a studio and giving birth to his first job in the facet of producer for the valencian label "Groovy Machine" (A) "My House" (B) Bass HouseIn the year 2000 he started a formation called "Iberix" with a launch in 2004 where he was in many Top-lists of Italian DJs with 3 tracks including remixes called Deep & Long for seal “Deep Bass Records” in Alicante (Spain) which is still working.Currently his productions/works are also linked with other labels like Mono Beat, Deep Bass Records, No Junk Recording, White Island Recordings, Taux Music, Tecnove Records, El Buho Records, Pino Music, 4House Digital, etc...He can be listened every Friday at 6 pm on 102.5 FM or also on line on (CADENA SER) the program "HOUSE TRACKS" where Deep House and Tech House are the genres that are addressed in this space.Resident Dj at “Cup Club”