- Jiro


JIRO began his DJ career inuenced by bands like Lefteld,The Prodigy,The Chemical Brothers,Aphrodite,Freestylers , Orbital... Starts in 1999 djing at underground parties organized by English collectives based in south Spain,there,he grew up listening jungle,trance,garage,trip-hop,acid techno,drum&bass and of course breakbeats. 2014 was the year for his profesional debut in music production,since then,he work for labels like 83,MECANOPLASTICA,DIESEL,AUX,KIOSEK,EGO SHOT,KINDCRIME,V.I.M.,DIABLO LOCO... Inuenced by the free raves that emerged in the mid-90s in the south of Spain and after years of DJing in the most underground stages, their productions contain dark sounds and old skool vibes from the sound of the early 2000s. 6th at "BREAKSPOLL 2015" on BEST BREAKTHROUGH ARTIST.