- DJ Yoko


Music Producer, DJ T ech House / Progressive House tracks with precise chord-progress & melody are produced by DJ Yoko. on 2004 DJ Yoko started track producing, and then on 2008 the 1st single "Howling Soul" was released from GALAXY RECZ. his releases and remix-works and playing with many merit group artists. "Flamenco (Satoshi Fumi Geome Trick mix) / DJ Yoko" was supported by Laurent Garnier, Ralph Lawson etc... many remixers(ex Shingo Nakamura) took part in "Howling Soul 2011 feat.MASMIN / DJ Yoko", then received reviews from world.(ex Ferry Corsten, Jaytech etc). to show the concept "TECHNO is most emotional MUSIC genre.", a new term "MELLOW-TECH" is produced by DJ Yoko. and to breake the opinion "TECHNO has no emotion,it's just MACHINE NOISE." DJ Yoko continues to produce tracks called MELLOW-TECH.