- Drug4u


Drug4u grew up in Chalkida .Since he was a child, music played an important role in his life. Whether listening , either learning the basics of piano , music was always dominant.Many musical influences , from Heavy Metal, Rock, Punk, Disco, Jazz …In the early 90′s , when the rave parties were at their peak, the electronic scene earned him and since then he is the Faithful !Drug4u produces music since he was 23 years old.He never talk about it.He never advertise it .Only his intim friends knew about it.He only played as guest at various parties and in bars at Chalkida and in Italy where he lived for about 12 years .By coincidence all that changed .Today Drug4u has released several tracks, and anxiously awaiting the upcoming , even more important EP’s.In 2014 , he collaborated with the radio stations , beatgroovefm and liquidfm.iN 2015 he collaborates with Soundub radio.