- Jack Moure


His passion for music was born with him, passionate about this world from the beginning, he was launched with great passion and determination to the idea of wanting to do the DJ.At the age of 14 thanks to various jobs, you earn the first technical material to start learning as a self-taught. One of the things that sets him apart from others is the fact that, thanks to his determination to started alone and has always pursued his passion for learning step by step. When he is over, he officially begins his career. Starting to work at Holiday Club Villages, turning Italy year after year. In 2013 he began to resident at the renowned loolapaloosa club in the Lombard capital. Right there he has the opportunity to meet one of the most famous DJs / producers of the city Ensaime. With his twenty years experience as a DJ / producer. They start to collaborate in various clubs in the city making more and more experience.